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Owning Knowledge and Adaptive Learning

The aim of owning knowledge challenges students to become “fully vested in the knowledge” they have developed at Stanford.  When students own knowledge, it “ceases to be something external and becomes a part of who they are.”  (SUES Report, January 2012).  The aim of owning knowledge asks students to build purposeful connections across their courses, integrating courses taken for breadth with the depth of knowledge they develop in their major.  The aim of owning knowledge asks students to see ideas, skills, and capacities as transcending traditional course or disciplinary boundaries.

The aim of adaptive learning challenges students to leverage the skills and knowledge gained through coursework to face new problems and answer unanticipated challenges.  Adaptive learners face new intellectual challenges with boldness and creativity.

Evidence from the 2013 Senior Survey

Click here for more information about the administration of the 2013 Senior Survey. 

Many students participate in curricular activities that encourage them to own their knowledge and to adapt what they learn in the classroom to real-world challenges.

Following Owning Knowledge and Adaptive Learning, our evidence is organized in the following pages:

Honing Skills and Capacities

Cultivating Personal and Social Responsibility

Post-Graduation Outcomes