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2023 TPR Institutional Report

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Members of the Stanford community can access the university's institutional report submitted for our 2023 accreditation review.

SUNet authorization is required. 


Many of the appendices are available to the Stanford community. Cover sheets containing high level summary are viewable but access to supporting documents and reports is restricted.

Appendix 1

Distance Education Programs at Stanford

Appendix 2

Stanford’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Appendix 3

Improving Online Courses: Focus Group Study 

Appendix 4

Long-Range Vision Documentation   

Appendix 5

Accreditation Committees

Appendix 6

Community Consultation

Appendix 7

SUES Initiatives 

Appendix 8

Continuous Improvement to Undergraduate Education 

Appendix 9

Timeline of Undergraduate Reform at Stanford 

Appendix 10

2013 Thinking Matters Evaluation 

Appendix 11

Thinking Matters: Students’ Understanding of the Requirement 

Appendix 12

Evaluation of Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing 

Appendix 13

Program in Writing and Rhetoric Annual Reports to C-USP 

Appendix 14

ITALIC Summary Report: 2013-2016 

Appendix 15

ESF: Interviews with Program Alumni 

Appendix 16

2019 ESF Program Assessment: Survey of Enrolled Students 

Appendix 17

Opportunities for International Studies

Appendix 18

Frosh 101 Studies 

Appendix 19

2016 STEM Companion Course Analysis 

Appendix 20

Accessibility of Undergraduate Majors 

Appendix 21

Alumni Survey 

Appendix 22

Undergrad International Experience Participation 

Appendix 23

Compliance with WSCUC Standards and Federal Requirements Worksheet Forms 

Appendix 24

Documents and Exhibits for Component 2 

Appendix 25

Evaluation of COLLEGE Pilot Courses 

Appendix 26

COLLEGE Assessment and Program Evaluation Plan

Appendix 27

Institutional Survey Items Used in COLLEGE Evaluation 

Appendix 28

Coordinated First-Year Review 

Appendix 29

Supporting Transfer Students 

Appendix 30

Transfer Experience Project 

Appendix 31


Appendix 32

Draft C-RUM Review Guidelines 

Appendix 33

IR&DS Resources for C-RUM Reviews 

Appendix 34

Academic Interests to Majors 

Appendix 35

Key DEI Initiatives 

Appendix 36

EDGE Program Evaluation 

Appendix 37

DARE External Evaluation

Appendix 38

IDEAL Graduate Student Recruitment Needs Analysis

Appendix 39

Berkeley Interactive Theater Workshop Evaluation Report 

Appendix 40

IDEAL Learning Journey 

Appendix 41

Strategic Alignment Sessions Leadership Toolkit 

Appendix 42

Conflict Resolution Policy Lab Report 

Appendix 43

Gender Data Enablement Project

Appendix 44

Institutional DEIB Goals Draft