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Timeline and process

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July 2013
WSCUC re-affirms Stanford’s accreditation for 10 years.

Sept 2013
Steering committee begins work on next accreditation.

February 2020
Approved to pursue Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR).

July 2020
Steering committee expanded.
Potential themes for TPR identified.

September - April 2021
Theme consultations with standing committees, campus partners, and faculty groups.

May 2021
TPR self-study topics submitted and approved by WSCUC.

Summer 2021
Initial document gathering and analysis.
Themes refined.
Work plans for new investigations and studies completed.

Fall and Winter 2021
Major investigations completed.  

June 2022
Draft of TPR report completed.

January 2023
Stanford’s TPR report is submitted.

March 15-17, 2023
WSCUC site visit (see team's report)

June 2023
Commission hearing and decision.

July 2023
WSCUC re-affirms Stanford’s accreditation for 10 years (see letter)